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Alex Zipkis, LMHC

Therapist & Recovery Specialist


My aim is to create a warm and compassionate space to meet you where you are and ultimately challenge you to heal. I want to be collaborative and work together to help you grow in the direction of your own values. I believe that you are the author in your story and want to honor your lived experiences.

I’m passionate about working to help clients not only overcome obstacles to meet their goals, but also to expand on their existing strengths.

I have experience working with adolescents and adults struggling eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, mood disorders and self-harm. I use an integrative approach of CBT, DBT, ACT, cognitive processing therapy, and narrative therapy to meet your specific needs. I approach therapy non-judgmentally with a feminist, anti-racist, fat-positive, queer-affirming and trauma-informed lens.

I am grateful that I get the opportunity to hold your stories, learn with you, experience all the joyful and painful parts of this work with you, and pride myself on providing care that feels safe and affirming.

A little about me: I graduated from NYU with my Master’s in counseling for mental health and wellness. After work you can find me doing my new art hobby of the month (this month it’s figure drawing), learning a Phoebe Bridgers song on guitar, or reading a book at home with my very adorable cat named pig.

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