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Case management can help you:

What is case management?

Case management in mental health refers to the coordination of care for services individuals are engaged in. A case manager oversees the care and services an individual or family is receiving, involves extensive communication between providers, individuals and caregivers, and works as a lead team member to organize and help individuals and families access any resources they need in a timely manner.

Manage Your Condition

Advocate For Your Rights

Coordinate Resources

Access Services & Resources

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Healthcare Systems

Coordinate Care

Ensure Your Needs Are Met

Adjust Treatment Plan As Needed

The goal of case management is to provide a coordinated and integrated approach to care that addresses the individual’s unique needs and goals. It is a process that involves assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and advocacy to help individuals access the resources they need to achieve their goals related to their mental health.


With mental health case management, we help you lead a fulfilling, productive life by ensuring that you will receive the appropriate treatment and support you need to manage your mental health conditions.

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