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Mental Health

A mental health companion can help you:

What is a mental health companion?

A mental health companion is a person who provides emotional and practical support to individuals with mental health conditions. The companion provides assistance with executive functioning and life skills coaching such as time management, getting to appointments, organizing and cleaning, hygiene, meal preparation, maintaining recovery, coping skills and recovery skills, and accountability with taking medication. 

Live Independently

Maintain Recovery

Prepare Meals

Have Accountability with taking medication

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Practice Recovery Skills

Reduce Isolation

Complete Daily Housekeeping Tasks

Practice Coping Skills

The primary goal of a mental health companion is to help the individual live as independently as possible, while also providing them with emotional support and stability.


A mental health companion can be several hours a day to live-in 24/7 support. Your mental health companion is there for you as you navigate living independently while prioritizing your mental health.

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