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Charlene Burgess, LMSW

Therapist & Recovery Specialist


Charlene Burgess is a licensed social worker who obtained her master’s degree from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service.  Charlene has an unconventional and diverse professional background, including past work in real estate, financial services, music theory education, and program development. More recently, Charlene worked as a mental health clinician for an outpatient clinic and a Community College. Her robust work and life experience is an asset in her work, equipping her with a unique perspective and a broad skill set that allows her to connect with and support clients from various walks of life. 

Charlene partners with her clients to pinpoint and tackle root concerns, enrich their relationships, and cultivate a more profound emotional understanding, using a collaborative, client-centered, authentic, and holistic approach.  Her aim is to provide a secure and nurturing space for clients to delve into their thoughts and emotions, gain clarity on behaviors while providing the tools necessary to establish positive behavioral changes, and achieve overall wellness. 

Charlene's primary therapeutic tools encompass CBT, DBT, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and Psychodynamic approaches. She is also a passionate advocate for the role that the brain, music, horticulture, and herbal healing has in establishing optimal physical and mental health. Charlene firmly believes that everyone has the desire to be seen, heard, and understood, and believes that attaining this is fundamental for individuals to begin making transformative changes to lead passionate, purposeful lives, as defined by their own unique vision.  She's dedicated to breaking down barriers, offering support, and promoting well-being in a way that honors each person's unique path to happiness and fulfillment.  


If you're in search of a compassionate and holistic therapist, Charlene would be a perfect fit.

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