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Michelle Lippitt, LMSW

Therapist & Recovery Specialist, (she/her)


I believe therapy is an invitation into the often stormy, wild, and unpredictable fullness of our human lives. It is the place where we can learn to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, and ultimately, learn to live a genuine and fulfilling life. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, “not good enough”, alone, or stuck in despair, I have learned that every situation can be navigated with wisdom and heart - together. 


As a relational and integrative therapist, my approach is collaborative and creative - trusting in the uniqueness of each person to inform the path forward. My practice is influenced by my own unfolding journey through many healing arts, including experiential training in Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, self-compassion, and cognitive therapies, as well as somatic practices of Focusing, breathwork, yoga, and 5Rhythms. These experiential, body-centered approaches are invaluable in breaking down barriers and helping you to reconnect with your own vitality, creativity, and sense of purpose. Together, we explore and transform unhelpful mind habits and stuck emotional patterns - reconnecting you to your most authentic and true self.  


I specialize in working with emerging adults, adults, and older adolescents who struggle with self-acceptance, anxiety, depression, trauma, identity, relationships, belonging, and existential and spiritual concerns. I value working with the full spectrum of human identities and welcome all forms of diversity. It takes tremendous courage and vulnerability to open to the deepest parts of you - I welcome every part and offer my attuned and compassionate presence as we create a path together toward liberating change and wholeness.

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