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Nancy Moyers, LMSW

Therapist & Recovery Specialist


Nancy Moyers is a psychotherapist and recovery specialist based in New York who earned her LMSW from Columbia University. Prior to joining the MHRS team, Nancy worked as a Lead Recovery Specialist at Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists (EDRS), specializing in eating disorders.


Nancy mainly utilizes DBT and CBT-informed practice when working with clients, as well incorporating motivational interviewing. She works with a wide range of clients who are feeling misaligned in the way they live day to day. Nancy has specific expertise in treating concurrent substance use and disordered eating, recognizing the intricate interplay between both. She believes strongly in the benefits of seeking out care for these challenges at the same time. More generally, Nancy is passionate about bringing in harm reduction techniques for all clients who are using coping skills that don’t feel supportive to them. In addition to substance use and disordered eating, this includes interpersonal struggles and communication, depression and anxiety, negative self-talk and self-worth, and other experiences that don’t feel supportive to clients' authentic selves. 


Guided by a profound belief in the potential for recovery in every client, Nancy acknowledges that the path to recovery can look different! Central to Nancy’s philosophy is the recognition that connection and dismantling barriers of shame are fundamental to finding stable recovery. Collaboratively, Nancy and her clients navigate this journey working towards achieving these goals together. Within the therapeutic space, Nancy creates warmth, compassion, understanding, and intentionality. This environment offers clients the secure and supportive space they need to engage in meaningful processing and healing.

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