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Rachel Maizel, LMSW

Therapist & Recovery Specialist


Rachel believes that she did not choose the profession of being a therapist so much as the profession chose her. The choice to become a therapist and to help others was derived from certain experiences throughout her younger years.

In high school and college, Rachel had many close peers and family members who were silently suffering with depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Many of these people did not know who to turn to for help. Rachel recognized the impact of anxiety, stress, depression, and negative habits in diminishing one’s self worth and sense of empowerment on these people.

Rachel’s approach as a therapist aims to provide a safe and warm space for her clients by being empathetic, genuine, and having unconditional positive regard for all of her clients. Rachel wants all of her clients to know that It’s okay to not be okay, and that you are not alone. Rachel seeks to understand her clients holistically in order to provide the best therapeutic support. Therapy is a place for you to take the lead, and Rachel is excited to meet you where you are and bear witness to your journey. Therapy is about connection, trust, flexibility, and creativity, and while the journey of therapy can be difficult at times, there is so much beauty in the process! It is incredibly liberating to engage in the process of learning about yourself, and taking back control.

Rachel believes that therapy works best when a therapist lets the client set the pace and creates a judgment-free space. Rachel understands that change is not easy, so she strives to help clients first weigh the pros and cons of breaking out of their patterns and changing their behaviors. Together Rachel and her clients work to establish and maintain a life that aligns with their goals.

Rachel is an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP), a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), holds a Trauma Focused CBT Certification, and has training in EMDR.

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