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Family Coaching for Parents or Partners

Family coaching can help you:

What is family coaching?

Family coaching for mental health is a type of coaching that focuses on helping parents or partners develop the skills and strategies they need to support their adolescent or adult child's mental health and well-being. Parent coaches work with parents to identify challenges and develop a plan for addressing those challenges in a supportive and effective manner. This type of coaching can be beneficial for parents of children with a range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and others.

Understand Cultural Problems

Practice Active Listening

Identify Mental Health Concerns


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Navigate Life Transitions

Resolve Conflicts

Understand Parenting Challenges

Explore Relationship Issues

Family coaches may help parents or partners with a variety of issues such as:


  • Learning effective communication skills to use with your child or partner

  • Providing psycho-education around mental health

  • Setting boundaries with your child or partner

  • Developing strategies to manage challenging behaviors and emotions you may experience while aiding your child or partner

  • Developing a plan for addressing obstacles in an effective way

  • Navigating the mental health system and accessing resources

  • Providing emotional support for your child or partner


With family coaching, we work alongside you to provide guidance, tools, education, and strategies to empower you to be an effective and confident advocate for your child or partner's well-being.

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